Qualitas Consortium

15 Steps

The 15 Steps Challenge is a toolkit that was co-produced with patients, relatives, volunteers, staff, governors and senior leaders, to help look at hospital care through the eyes of patients and relatives, helping to hear and see what good looks like. The toolkit provides a series of questions and prompts to guide patients, carers and staff through their first impressions of a ward. 

The Challenge will help to gain an understanding of how patients feel about the care provided and how high levels of confidence can be built. It can also help to understand and identify the key components of high quality care that are important to patients and carers from their first contact with a ward. 

The purpose of the 15 Steps Challenge is:

  • to help staff, patients and others to work together to identify improvements that can enhance the patient experience
  • to provide a way of understanding patients’ first impressions more clearly and
  • to provide a method for creating positive improvements in the quality of care.